From Rappler: “The tyranny of tisay beauty”

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In the Phillippines, women are dying to get whiter skin.

In the US, women want to get tanner! Think of tanning mom.

Isn’t this a crazy world we live in?

Either way, both are doing harm to their skin by wanting to be whiter or tanner.

If you’re brown, you’re not pretty. If you’re white, you’re still not pretty.

If you’re brown here in the Philippines, it’s a big problem. You must get whiter so that people will find you pretty and boys will like you. No wonder whitening companies make big bucks feeding on this Pinay insecurity.

While in the US, people want to get tanner! Even in some countries in Europe. I remember my college professor having this European friend. This friend look at my prof with envy and said, “I wish I could be as tanned as you.”

Ok, it’s a whole world of difference if you’re considered “pretty” by society’s standards. But there’s more to a person by being pretty and having fairer skin. What matters is being a happy person, with confidence and life smarts. And a good heart.

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